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“The Sound of the Cosmos” by M.G.

Moments of both clarity and confusion are portrayed in this collection.
Powerful, yet abstract depictions, always tinted with strokes of innocence and childish naiveté. Through contradiction, an attempt to decipher life is made. By alternating between intricate designs and abstract forms, the artist aims to perceive the unseen and trace the map of the soul. These paintings depict the venture of a human to listen in to the imperceptible sound of the cosmos.

Breath of Gold

Daffodils in Youth

A maze inside

Labyrinth of Dreams

Sakuramochi 桜餅

Roses Undelivered


Clowning Glory

A ripple in Infinity

Moonlit Footprints

Icarus Rising

The Sound of Reflection


Hope, it floats…

Orpheus’ Lyra

Sea me through

Beyond the Pale

Déjà vu

The Alchemist’s Gate